The time has come Long Island

    You deserve true Representation!

                  Of the People...

                       By the People...

                           For the People...

I ask you, do you want your Voices heard? Or do you want to continue along our predetermined path?

I offer you my servitude if chosen to represent You, the People of NY-02. One with the dedication in upholding the values of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Rights of Man and the 30 Points; without influence or interference of financial, corporate and political elite.

The choice is yours!

What will you choose?

The People are rising & given a Choice!

The Choice has been chosen & given a Voice

The Voice speaks of Truth, Freedom and Justice

I can promise you,

the Voice of the People will be heard!

This election,

We will witness:

A final end to the beast

The resurrection of Freedom

The birth of a new democratic Era

The creation of the Seventh Party System

The fulfilment of the Peoples’ Needs and Rights