The Peoples’ Movement Fowards

The current system h​as continuously failed to be a true embodiment of the People. 

We have witnessed the plague of corruption and greed within the beast, this Sixth Party System. One where the well-being of our Nation and that of constituents are placed on the side for that of financial gain, corporate interest & Party elitism.

This is not a democracy, this is not freedom!

It is not a structure that will bring about change nor one that permits a Representative to be a true vessel, the organic voice of the People in our District, nor will any of the current candidates who support such institutions be as such. 

What our current "Representatives" fail to recognize is that the greater good of the People must be recognised and that We the People have been watching. This November is a definitive moment and the chance to let our Voice be heard and recognized by Washington.

The People and our communities must always come first, especially before that of financial, corporate and Party interests. An increasingly distant servant of the People, by ignoring calls of the majority, is guilty of actively sabotaging the sanctity of the People and the values of our Republic. 

By ignoring the key players of division and hate, Representatives who support the financial, corporate interests they claim to reject, the corrupt Sixth Party System, and who restrict our Voice for Party and Political elitism have no place governing the masses.

For years there has been no hope of real change. 

Until Now

We are Patriots

We are Progressives

We represent the People 

And our progress Forever Forwards 

T​he Time is Now!

Unite against the gentrification of our diverse sociocultural communities and our forced financial slavery to interest. Rise against those who restrict our liberty, condone our Basic Needs, limit our inherited Rights and ignore equality for greed and power.

Now is the time to rise up and break free from oppression.

Free yourselves from the chains of enslavement and tell the world all you desire is freedom!

Release the debt that has been forced upon Us, the majority of the People. We have been turned into modern slaves, supporting the genocide and destruction of millions through endless war.

Turn the tide against the oppressor, the financial, corporate and political elite of the Military Industrial Complex and show them, that You, the huddled oppressed masses, will tolerate tyranny any longer. Now is the time to stand up and topple the pedestal of the Military Industrial Complex and our Financial Slavery to pay it’s interest debts. In its place, we shall rebuild and re-create the structure on which we stand.

The time is now, for you, to stand together and rise from the chains placed upon you, and take your place next to the Founding Fathers of our Nation and in history, as we restore equal Freedom, Liberty and Justice to our Land.