Creating the Community of Common Good: The social responsibility of the community is greater than the self-interest of one,

Breaking the shackles of Financial Slavery of Debt and Interest: The political ideal of Molochian corporatists & the economics of stateless capital debts,

Reviving the Peoples’ Will and Creating a new Cultural identity; The right of self-determination and the cultivation of an ideal cultural Identity for the People,

When the light of Patriotism illuminates the depths of the human mind, and the bells of Progressivism ring to stimulate the heart, the collective conscience of the People will awaken. The success of our Movement, growth of the Party and the achievement of higher self; will now and forever be—

1. Recognized through the hard work, perseverance and Will to succeed,

2. Attained through the protection of our Basic Needs,

3. Achieved with the development of our creative and inventive impulses,

4. Accomplished by the progressive evolution of the mind and body,

Once the general welfare of the community is sustained, the structures of division dismantled and shackles of debt and Interest are broken, the creation of the new State and our Cultural Cultivation can begin. We shall form an equal union of People’s and create a new social, cultural and National Identity. By doing this, the integrity of the sociopolitical community is given a breath of new life. This breath is given by the collective Will of Patriotic Progressive Peoples; The Will to triumph social justice and freedom. This is the start of a National Illumination. It sets the foundation for a State that is guided by the flames of Constitutional Patriotism and an enlightened vision of Social Nationalism.

The long forgotten and disenfranchised People now have an organisation, a place and an entity they can safely call Home.