For Congress 

The Peoples’ Choice

I am running my campaign for the People; to be your Representative and to bring life back to our District and communities

I ask you, do you want your Voices heard? Or do you want to continue along our predetermined path?

I offer you my servitude if chosen to represent You, the People of NY2. One with the dedication in upholding the values of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Rights of Man and the 18 Points; without influence or interference of financial, corporate and political elite.

The choice is yours! 

The Peoples’ Movement has risen, and made a Choice!

The Choice has been chosen and finally given a Voice

The Voice speaks of Truth, Freedom and Justice

Let the 

Voice of the People 

be heard!

This election,

We will witness:

A final end to the beast

The resurrection of Freedom

The birth of a new democratic Era

The creation of the Seventh Party System

The fulfilment of the Peoples’ Needs and Rights