For Congress 

Forever Forwards’ Platform

18 Points for the Peoples’ Movement Forwards

These 18 Points are the foundation for the 

Patriotic Progressive State and her People


1. Total equality and protection of our American citizens, Native Indigenous Peoples and Foreign Non-citizen residents; regardless of identity, race, class, sexuality or gender

2. Acknowledge the racial, prejudice, discriminatory social structures laws and policies of our Nation’s past; restructure these where needed to bring Union to our People. Recognize the equality and freedom of the sexes, genders, and races of all People

3. Preservation of the social and cultural truths of the past and present People of our lands. Advocate for the complete social, cultural and political Independence of all Native Indigenous peoples, with the unbreakable guarantee for an increase of land, resources and open trade

4. Promotion for an extensive and thoroughly planned “National Immigration Reformation” to protect innocent individuals and families who arrive at our borders; improve, increase and update border facilities and technology; prevent border atrocities that could arise if steps are not taken. which will be discussed by our planned “Liberty for All” immigration proposal

5. Remove the burdens of interest, unjust rates and unearned incomes. We firmly denounce the financial slavery our People — grasped in the greedy hands of International Corporatists and Bankers. We demand the immediate reinvestment of excess profit be handed to the People and Nationalisation of the Federal Reserve. Through this act, we wiyll see reparation. Pay the Tax or Pay the People

6. Denunciation of war-profits and the ever-increasing Military Industrial Complex; relentlessly provoking the unending plague of death and destruction in the name of profit. The loans of war, heavy industry and rebuilding of Nations is paid by us the People. Taxed, poisoned and over-worked; We demand immediate compensation of these from the profiteering corporations, back to the People

7. Promote an increased protection of the environment, national sites, landmarks and cultural sites; Increase development of Wireless technology and improve efforts to preserve the equilibrium of Nature. Combat Climate Change by decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels and improve clean technologies for our survival as a People. The success of the individual, the worker and the community is only met through the livelihood of the environment

8. Reparation, expansion modernization and Nationalisation of our extensive failing infrastructure. Promote the re-establishment of “Alphabet Agencies” to oversee the changes and administration. Our survival is reliant on the heightened growth and improvement of our road, rail and clean transportation technology.

9. Extensive overhaul of our public education and higher learning systems to meet the 21st Century. Provide free/subsidized public education for all citizens. Re-education and development of the Human mind, body and soul. “Never judge a fish by his ability to climb.”

10. Advocate the formal understanding and the re-education and development of the Human mind, body and soul and knowledge of Nature; as evolutionary mammals, our fate is dictated by Fate and Nature. With the rejuvenation of our Planet — our society and that of both Humanity and Nature will create our NewWorld

11. Revitalise the country’s drive for innovation through the implementation of a National award and merit system to decorate and highlight the greatest minds, talents and achievements of the People, selected through equal representation. Equal competition & development of the mind leads to a brilliant advancement of Humanity

12. Promote the growth of the individual’s natural talents which improve self and community. As Patriotic Progressives, we believe the social fabric and legitimacy of the Nation is bound by the love a collective sociocultural identity holds towards a political imaginary and the moral ideals it produces. As an organic State, the communities share equal  responsibility in the preservation of individual talents and Progressive, Democratic ideals 

13. Accomplish the full sustainable livelihood of our People and the fulfilment of our Basic Needs. Through the successful implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI)that is for all citizens of the State, poverty, homelessness and hunger will be eradicated. Acknowledge that the social responsibility of a community relies on the development of the mind and the physical body.

14. Analyze the dramatic increase of physical illness, mental health and drug addiction. Evaluate the social and cultural impact that our technological and civil advancements has had on our People. Provision, assistance and support for these individuals to return them to the Natural organic community

15. Enact and support Medicare for All and other People and Community based programs that ensure the Basic Rights of the American People are protected and provided for; behind a protective barrier to prevent undue hardship

16. Denounce gentrification and global interest efforts within our communities and focus on “Community First” policies for the economic, cultural, and social growth of our People and country. Programs that ensure the Basic Rights of Humanity will ensure a protective barrier to prevent undue hardship. We must help our citizens and improve our communities first before we can realistically assist foreign nationals and governments

17. Pull-back and limit the total presence of our Armed Forces around the world in Allied NATO and peaceful regions. Promote the creation of strong economic and military regional “blocs,”. These are to be equally represented and maintained by the cultural, social and National groups of the regions, run by the People and regulated by the State to protect the Worker

18. Restrict our social interference and military presence in all foreign political, military and social affairs that do not represent a threat to our People and country. Nor those that place restriction and/or deny the Basic Rights of Humanity to others