For Congress 

Patriotic Democracy

The Forward State

The social fabric and legitimacy of the Nation is bound by the collective sociocultural identity, political imaginary and moral ideals it produces. In the allowance of the People to produce and develop the best traits and ideas; the social, cultural and political integrity of the community and State is preserved. The discriminatory structures and corrupt systems that slowly rot our social, cultural and political arenas will be eradicated by the synthetic union of Patriotism and Progressivism.

Through Patriotic demonstration, Popular Protest, and being a positive productive member of the community, a new collective sociocultural conscience will emerge. Through Progressive activism, Equal Opportunity and Social Justice, the collective identities of the individual and community will fuse and form a new collective imagination. Forged by cooperative social service and communal responsibility, the successful union of Patriotism and Progressivism is ultimately realized in the formation of a new imagined community moving forwards.

When the bells of Patriotism ring to stimulate the heart; and the light of Progressivism illuminates the depths of the human mind, the collective conscience of the People will awaken. With the election of Patriotic Progressivism into the mind and soul of the sociopolitical community and permitted by consent of civil society, the Union will actualize into an idiosyncratic organic political imaginary; Patriotic Democracy.

Properly understood, Patriotic Democracy is nothing less than the self-actualization of the individual, community and State. Based upon the ideas of inclusive patriotism, popular sovereignty, natural selection and social equality, the Patriotic Democracy will be

1) Recognized through hard work, perseverance and the Will of the Union of Patriotic Peoples

2) Attained through the protection of our Basic Needs.

3) Achieved with the development of our creative and inventive impulses,

4) Accomplished by the progressive evolution of the mind and body,


Patriotic Democracy is not a Political Party, nor does not promote unrealistic promises or fantastic policies. The symbol of our movement, the Phoenix, represents the dedication to overcoming the preconceived antagonistic, discriminatory and prejudice systems, structures and views held in our collective past; and acknowledge our Re-birth as a Free and Equal society. A society in which a unified people, use their direct voice to restore a tyrannical and splintered government back to the People. Only by serving the public interest as a member of the national community, will the individual awake to a higher spirit.; the revival of the individual’s soul and the spiritual re-awakening of the political community be accomplished.This establishes the moral ideals that are held in a Patriotic Democracy

1) The most sacred gifts on this Earth are Humanities intuitive mind and creative spirit.

2) The most sacred sacrifice is the blood that is shed by Humanity for this Earth and its children.

3) is Evolutionary, Social/Cultural, and Political. The nation-state is an organic entity in

which the individual, the community and the State form a sacred Civic-national trinity.

4) promotes the evolution of the individual through the development of the mind and body 

to achieve self-actualization.

5) the political and cultural foundation of the State is forged by cooperative social service, political activism, social justice, common social value and dedication to the existence and protection of Unalienable Rights.

6) Constructs the fundamental biological and evolutionary truths that humanity can achieve a higher purpose of Will and transcend reality through the understanding of Nature.

7) Recognizes that the totality of the human condition lies directly in the formation of sustainable relationships with other organic and Natural beings and that the downfall of humanity lies in the dedication and worship of technological achievement that defies Nature.


In turn, the ultimate-objective for the political community is the Union of all Forwards Peoples, the synthetic communal pact of Patriotism and Progressivism, and the true life of Patriotic Democratic philosophy.