Patriotic Progressivism 

The True American Progressive Movement

We believe that Patriotism is the pledge of Allegiance in the Rights of Man; that all People are born with equal rights & remain free in the pursuit of Life, Liberty, Property and Happiness. It is not a blinded total love of Nation & Blood but acknowledgement of failure and loving active support of improving the People’s equal opportunity through Enlightened thinking and democratic ideals. We acknowledge our lack of Social Progress within the sociocultural foundations of our country and we will fight to replace these structures as they do not represent the Will of the People.

As Progressives, we are devoted in overcoming the antagonistic, discriminatory & prejudice systems, structures & views of our collective past. Victory over these atrocities will be realized through hard work, sustainability of the social community, equal responsibility, full development of our preeminent traits, ideas and the realisation of our spiritual impact on others and Nature.

In its highest form, Patriotic Progressivism transcends the People and the State and reveals it’s true self. Progress; is not the continuous technological advancement or social justification of change but rather, it is the self-realisation and the self actualisation of one's own value, spiritual growth and influence on those around them. To achieve this, there are Six Moral Rules

1. The most sacred gifts on this Earth are Humanities intuitive mind and creative spirit, therefore; We believe in hard-work and Will for a better life is the force that gives us our human Basic Rights, found in the idea of Life, Liberty and Happiness along with the inclusion of privilege that our Basic Needs are met. These Basic Needs being Health, Property and Education.

2. The most sacred sacrifice is the blood that is shed by Humanity for a People’s Freedom, Liberty & Equality, therefore; We believe in total equality and unity for all American citizens and Native Indigenous Peoples for self-determination.

3. The nation-state is an organic entity in which the individual, the community and the State form a sacred secular trinity, therefore; We denounce the promotion of gentrification, destruction of a cultural community for profit and support of low-skilled immigration for cheap corporate interests and maximization of unearned income.

4. The progression evolution of the individual through the development of the mind and body; to achieve self-actualization, therefore; We believe in the development of oneself, our talents and our abilities.

5. The political and cultural foundation of the State is forged by cooperative social service, political activism, social justice, common social value and dedication to the existence and protection of Unalienable Rights, therefore; We believe in the betterment of our Peoples and communities by acknowledging our past, and inclusively working together by walking hand in hand towards a better future

6. The fundamental biological and evolutionary truths that humanity can achieve a higher purpose of Will and transcend reality through the understanding of Nature therefore; We believe that totality of the human condition lies directly in the formation of sustainable relationships with other organic and Natural beings and that the downfall of humanity lies in the dedication and worship of technological achievements that defy Nature

We will uphold these truths through the 30 Points of the Peoples’ Platform & shall protect the foundation of our Republic through Equal Justice and Opportunity.

Why We are the Leaders of Truth 

Properly understood, Patriotic Progressivism is nothing less than the self-actualization of the individual, community and State. Based upon the ideas of inclusive constitutional patriotism, popular sovereignty, social nationalism and social equality,

Patriotic Progressivism is not a Political Party, nor does not promote unrealistic promises or fantastic policies. We hold the truth that only by serving the public interest as a member of the national community, will the individual awake to a higher spirit.

The social fabric and legitimacy of the Nation is bound by the collective sociocultural identity, political imaginary and moral ideals it produces. In the allowance of the People to produce and develop the best traits and ideas; the social, cultural and political integrity of the community and State is preserved. The discriminatory structures and corrupt systems that slowly rot our social, cultural and political arenas will be eradicated by the synthetic union of Patriotism and Progressivism.