Creating the Community of Common Good: The social responsibility of the community is greater than the self-interest of one,

Breaking the shackles of Financial Slavery of Debt and Interest: The political ideal of Molochian corporatists & the economics of stateless capital debts,

Reviving the Peoples’ Will and Creating a new Cultural identity; The right of self-determination and the cultivation of an ideal cultural Identity for the People,

30 Points for the Peoples’ Progress Forward

 1. We demand total equality of all American citizens & Native Indigenous Peoples;

2. We demand the union of all Americans in our right of self-determination;

3. We demand the immediate renunciation of prejudice & discriminatory social structures, laws & policies for the advancement of All People’s;

4. We advocate for the social, cultural & political Independence of all Native Indigenous peoples, with the unbreakable guarantee of peace;

5. The identity of the People is intertwined with the sovereignty of the State. It is not a tool that exists to serve international corporations, stateless debt capital or foreign-individuals. We are exclusive in our definition our American Identity—those that hold faith in the Constitution, belief in the Unalienable Rights of Man & preservation of liberty may be or become a citizen of the State;

6. Those who are not citizens, yet show dedication to the three principles of citizenship, will have the continued privilege of residence & work within the United States. They will be considered as guests in our country & subject to foreign laws that do not deny their Human Rights;

7. We demand the successful implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the form of a Citizen's Dividend; a materialisation of Citizenship. Programs that provide for the People & sustain the inherited Rights of Humanity will ensure a protective barrier to prevent undue hardship. The State is to provide a sustainable livelihood for our Peoples & the fulfilment of the People’s Basic Needs;

8. We oppose nepotism & the current sixth Political Party System. A system of filling vacancies for recognition, identity, power, & privilege in both political & corporate spheres is not democratic, nor “of the People.” We demand the immediate investigation of the Parties and its leadership;

9. We acknowledge our flawed immigration policies & demand the immediate review of our immigration laws and border situation. Enact national projects that provide a pathway for hard-working loyal foreign-nationals, protect the innocent, provide safe relocation, update current holding facilities & improve technology;

10. We denounce gentrification & global corporate interests that are detrimental to our communities - We promote the sustainability of a strong middle class & demand development of “Community First” policies to ensure stable growth of a economic economic, cultural & social growth;

11. We believe All members of the community share an equal responsibility in achieving a common good – the general welfare of the People;

International Globalism ensures the constant plague of death in Nations, division within communities & destruction of Nature – all in the name of profit.


12. We demand the immediate emancipation of the American People from our Financial Slavery to interest & absolute forgiveness of debts;

13. We denounce those who earn off of interest, unjust rates, unearned incomes & demand the immediate abolition of income through unearned work;

14. We demand the immediate return of excess business profit to be handed over to the People;

15. We demand the trial of those who profit from war & hold them responsible for committing Crimes Against Humanity –

The loans of war, heavy industry & the rebuilding of Nations will no longer be paid by the American People. Taxed, poisoned & over-worked; We demand the immediate release of all war-profits;

16. We demand immediate action is taken to clean, protect & preserve the equilibrium of Nature – We acknowledge the reality of Climate Change & demand an increase in the protection & creation of new national & natural landmarks, parks & public sites as well as investment into clean technology;

Equal opportunity, friendly competition & spiritual development of the mind has led to brilliant advancements of Humanity; The drive for innovation, advancement & progressive change must never waver.


17. We demand the immediate reparation, upgrade & nationalisation of our infrastructure & transportation System; the veins of the Organic State;

18. We advocate for the intellectual advancement of the People by undergoing an extensive overhaul of our National Education System. The curriculum must be set to a National standard that focuses on the reality of Humanity & our relationship with nature & technology– We demand no-cost public education for the American People; to pursue mastery of natural talents & to develop a vibrant mind, body & soul;

19. We advocate for the revitalisation of the Peoples’ Innovative Spirit with the implementation of an annual National Award to decorate & highlight the greatest minds, talents & achievements of the People across all fields of Science & Art;

The Press, granted their First Amendment Right of Free Speech, have abused their privileges and are guilty of guiding the People down a road of division, fear & hate.


20. We demand all Press & News Media fact-check the validity of claims & references. All press must clearly note if a story is Journalism or Opinionated. Paid or Voluntary;

21. We demand an end of all foreign political news influences & advertisers intent on swaying the popular political opinion of the People;

22. We demand an end of purposely biased news stations, press & media & the reintroduction of factual, logic driven politically independent news;

The Rights of the People shall always come first. The purpose of the New World State is to ensure the preservation and protections of these Inherited Rights and Peoples.


23. We demand the National standard of health & care for pregnant women, mothers & children be raised;

24. We demand the expansion of the Healthcare system to cover all Americans;

26. We demand the immediate provision, assistance & support for individuals afflicted by physical illness, mental health & drug addiction- The social & cultural impact advancements in technology & social media has had on Humanity & social interaction should be studied;

27. We demand total separation of Church & State. Further & further proclaim liberty for all religious denominations in our Country; as long as it does not actively represent a threat to the stability of the State, the livelihood of American People and/or our democratic ideals of Liberty through rhetoric & action;

The sovereignty of the People & sanctity of the Nation, is vital for the preservation of Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Unalienable Rights.


28. We demand the immediate end of all economic and military aid to foreign Nations;

29. We demand the immediate withdrawal of US Troops from the Middle East & allied territories

30. We advocate the right of self-determination for the peoples of all Nations

One may be discouraged from taking on such a demanding task that is changing the very order that shapes everything that surrounds us, but it is necessary to generate the world we envision. Nothing can ever get done or succeed without sacrifice or work, and it’s the only way anything can ever be done.

When one takes up the demanding task of implementing Patriotic Progressivism, they should be proud knowing they are not only working towards the benefit of the community, but also their own. They should feel proud of knowing they are benefiting both themselves and the lives of others in the creation of a new State

We as Patriotic Progressivists want to accomplish is the freedom, equality, and well-being of the common people and every change or step towards is always a success in of itself.The ultimate goal of Patriotic Progressivism is the rebirth of the American Cultural Spirit, the Peoples’ collective Will and a final Victory over the a to corrupted State in the formation of a new imagined community moving forward.