Who am I?

My name is Daniel Craig Ross

I'm a 28 year old administrative assistant, artist & political activist.

Authored of “Patriotic Progressivism; American Maccaroni”

Founder of the Patriotic Peoples Party, Inc. A political non-profit that assists with digital marketing, community outreach and voter education.

Co-founder of the NYCUBICaucus & UBIBlackCaucus

Advocate and vocal supporter of community policing, racial justice and Equal Opportunity, Representation Justice and Expression.

Champion of Change

Bearer of Truth

I am a Patriot 

I am a Progressive 

Meet DanNY2 Ross

Danny graduated as a pioneer from SUNY Old Westbury’s Liberal Arts graduate program the year it began, receiving his Masters with a concentration in History.  

Starting off with the knowledge he wanted to enter politics, Danny engaged in political activism and outreach which left him with a deep understanding and commitment in supporting policies that promote equal rights and protections for all People of the community regardless of race, gender, sex and sexual orientation. Already bearing witness the corruption of the failing Democratic and Republican Parties and the failures of hyper-consumerism, he began formulating a new political theory based themes he research and holds as key to the success of a Nation and its People. After years of analysing and dissecting various ideologies and ideas, he released the new ideology; Patriotic Progressivism and a Party Programme of 30 Points. It is under this ideology and platform he has decided to run for US House 

He is an undeniable believer of social Progressive ideas such as equal pay, UBI with liveable wages, Universal healthcare, affordable childcare and the right of equal representation. Danny also holds the unwavering belief in the sanctity of the Nation-state and that the social union of People within a unified cultural community forms an organic body, the living State.


As a homeless individual, he fights to declare interest as illegal and forgive other interest bearing debt. This is due to his experience within the Financial slavery system of the Banks. Danny understands the true struggles of our generation as Financial freedom should not be our end goal!  He advocates for increased protection of workers while also championing for the economic growth of Middle Class businesses through interest free loans.  In renouncing financial and corporate influences that permeate government, Danny is driven by his Will and dedication to serve the communities of NY-02.

In his free time, Danny enjoys painting, flying, coin collecting, traveling, architecture, history, politics, and writing.

He loves a good joke and knows that a smile and a laugh is the best cure of all