For Congress 

Patriotic Progressive

Who are we?

I am a Patriotic Progressive!

We are Patriots. We are Progressives.   

We believe that Patriotism is the pledge of Allegiance in the Rights of Man; that all people are born w/ equal rights & remain free in the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness. It no longer is total love of Nation & Blood but loving active support of Enlightened thinking and democratic ideals. We acknowledgment our lack of Progress within the sociocultural foundations of our country.

As Progressives, we are devoted in overcoming the antagonistic, discriminatory & prejudice systems, structures & views of our collective past. Victory over these atrocities will be realized through hardwork, Sustainability of the social community, equal responsibility & the full development of our preeminent traits & ideas 


We believe in total equality and unity for all loyal American citizens, Native Indigenous Peoples and migrants regardless of race, class or gender.

We acknowledge the great contributions and ideas our country has given Us, her People, while also knowing that we can and will always find ways to improve. We love our country, but will never speak that she is the best she can be. We always need to improve ourselves.

We believe in the hard-work and Will for a better life is the force that gives us our basic Human Rights. These are found in the idea of Life, Liberty and Happiness; with the inclusion of privilege that our Basic Needs to be met. These Basic Needs being Healthcare, Housing, and Education.

We believe in the development of ones self, our talents and our abilities. We denounce the promotion of gentrification, destruction of a cultural community for modernity and support of low-skilled immigration for cheap corporate interests and maximization of unearned income.

We believe in the betterment of our Peoples and communities by acknowledging our past, and inclusively working together by walking hand in hand towards a better future.

We will uphold these truths & protect the foundation of our Republic