Why a 3rd?

Why Vote Alternative?


Party over People

Political Gridlock 

Patriotic Progressive 

People over Party

Progress Forward

​The Democratic and Republican Parties are the same beast

The Sixth Party System-a Military Industrial Complex

One that maintains control through indirect manipulation, subtle context and training of mind.

Our elected officials have and continue to prove to be ineffective at solving the growing issues that they themselves exacerbated.

They have held control through the benign tyranny of elitist culture, corporate interests & financial slavery of interest debt for the Military Industrial Complex.

They have been bought out by financial and corporate interests for greater power and wealth.

They no longer serve in the interest of the People; for they have allowed the current system to develop into what we have today

Until now

Now, You finally have a choice!

Daniel Craig Ross

Patriotic Progressive

The Peoples’ Choice!